Monday 10 December 2012

Sooo...ahhh...what is happening with your CDC Game?

Hey Folks,

So I betcha some of you are wondering what has been happening with my CDC solitaire game. Is it getting published? The answer to that--for the moment--is yes! I have been working fairly closely (or as close as you can get without actually speaking to anyone) with the VPG team to get my game published. There has been a lot of back-n-forth emails between myself and the developer and publisher going over the game design. There have been quite a few changes from the original design that I submitted to them over a year ago, but it is still quite recognizable as the same game.

At one point it was thought we could actually get it published before the end of the year, but they brought on an every experienced game developer--Petra Schlunk--to play test the game and that brought on some fairly major changes to the game play. I will get into those in later post.

But for now let me say that I am very excited about the process of getting my first boardgame published, and I look forward to posting about it in the future.

That Cowboy Guy