Friday 11 January 2013

OOO (Out of Office) Playtesting started on INFECTION

So the OOO (Out of Office) Playtesting started on my solitaire boardgame INFECTION. VPG sent out 6 play test kits to players throughout the US and Canada, plus 1 fellow who got the Print-n-Play version.

The packages when out Tuesday and already I have started to get some feed back from players--the mail system is faster in the US then it is in Canada. 1 Player has played once and won the first game, and another has played 4 times and lost every time. Both players have said the have enjoyed the game so far, so that is good.

I have also learnt that the artist assigned to the game has worked in 3D modelling for props in video games, so it should be interesting to see how he does in the 2D world of board games.