Friday 2 May 2014

Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2014

Hi All,

Last weekend I attended my 5th Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo (CCEE).

This event celebrates Nerd/Geek culture in form of comics, movies, tv shows, books, video games, etc. It also gives people who like to dress up as superheros and other characters a chance to do some Cosplay.  Here are some pictures of me dressed up as Wolverine and some other interesting characters:

Wolverine vs. The Aliens.
This was taken before the start of the Parade of Wonders (POW) on Friday. This is a father and son dressed in homemade Alien costumes.

Me and Captain Canuck, 2 Canadian Superheros

Wolverine vs. The Red Skull 
The Red Skull is from the Captain America movie. He is holding the Tesseract Cube.

 A whole family of Cosplayers

 R2D2 and Black and Gold Storm Trooper

 Trinity and Neo from The Matrix

Wolverine and a 40K Terminator

 Another shot of Wolverine and a 40K Terminator

Wolverine and Colossus 

Wolverine and Mystique