Tuesday 24 January 2012

The Bet

So a co-worker of mine posted a blog about a bet we made regarding who would make the most money with a side business. His name is Mike Eppel and here is the location:  


Anyhoo, here is the content of his blog posting:

The Bet

A few months ago myself and a few other software developers at work decided we were going to make a bet. The bet was who would be able to start a side business and make the most money in one year. Fast forward about four months to today and we are well under way.


My idea was to build a software as a service app. In the spirit of so much good advice out there I found a personal problem and set out to solve it.
I serve on my condo board where I live and one of the major problems we have is communication. Our property manager gets so many emails on a daily basis from all of his other condo boards he actually requests that we don’t cc him on the day to day conversations. I decided to build an online tool that provides central communication and cuts a ton of need for email. Instead of our property manager getting 50 emails a day he would hopefully get only a few. My product is called Committee Box.


One of my other co workers decided that instead of writing software for his business he was going to focus on building board games. So far he’s come up with some awesome prototypes and submitted a few to various game publishers. You can check out his awesome work over at That Cowboy Guy.


The last of my co workers is also working on a software project. He is building a goal tracking app that will launch with a self published book that his friend has written. I don’t have a link to his website (since I don’t think it’s in production yet) but will link to it once it’s live. See the dig there Derek? Hurry up!

The Money

Now that we are all well under way we need the focus to shift from getting started to getting started making money. After all the goal here is to make money with the side goal of making great stuff. I’m planning on blogging about our progress every few weeks from here on out.

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