Wednesday 8 October 2014

Meeplesburg notes from play testers at FallCon 2014. Photos included!

Meeplesburg notes from play testers at FallCon 2014
So I had a great time at FallCon this year in Calgary. I had 6 play testing sessions with Meeplesburg. I got in a couple of 2 player games, a couple of 5 player games and a couple of 4 player games. I received plenty of valuable feedback from the play testers. Mainly they found it to be fun, challenging, compelling game and it only takes an hour to play!
Here a few pictures from the event:
Here is the setup for a 2-player game

Here we are near the end of 5-player game

Hugh Polley is considering his options

A couple of turns into a 2-player game--and there's a copy of INFECTION on the table

Here is the signage I whipped up in Photoshop for the table

This is the FallCon scheduled Playtesting area

Almost at the end of a game by the looks of it

John Montague is weighing his options as he contemplates his next turn
Here is the useful feedback I got:
·         Put Construction, Purchase, Upgrade labels on both sides of the board
·         Move Apprentice area up and label it.
·         Put an arrow to move cards from Construction area to Purchase area
·         Use an arrow or some other kind of symbol in the Mason area for moving masons to the other 3 areas
·         Could use the phrase Legacy Points instead of Victory Points; less militaristic
·         Use a block or heavy boarder between the Worker area and the Purchase area
·         Use part of the Action board for Player action instructions
·         You can spend $35 to copy write your rules in the USA
·         On the building cards, move up the construction area so it is at the top and lines up with the double meeple symbol. Use the same background as the board
·         Change the row/column layout so that opposite meeples are different colours. Yellow-Blue
·         Check out Alien frontiers for the iconography they use. Keep this in mind for the “Or” symbol on the card and the Wall or Income on the action board
·         Tap card for money right away? NO!
·         Get rid of the building icon on the building tile. Put the Meeple inside a house of the same colour.
·         Put spots on tile for placing the house, tenant and monument
·         Move the money symbol to a different location on the card. I think it should overlap the construction section and the meeple section. The $3 coin will be a different color. Make it clearer. Don’t need the money symbol on the tile either.
·         Use 3 platforms instead of 5 for all number of players. Different platforms have different number of tenant spaces on them: 1, 2, 3. There will only be one space for a mason per round for getting a platform

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