Friday, 31 January 2014

Infection: Countdown to Extinction - Components and Molecules


  • 1 game board
  • 1 3-minute sand timer
  • 4 standees
  • 16 dice (4 each of 4 different colors)
  • 36 round molecule tokens
    • 24 used in a one or two player game
    • 6 that would be added to a three player game
    • 6 that would be added to a four player game

Molecule Tokens

The game would come with 36 double-sided molecule tokens. All tokens would have the same back, so you wouldn't what molecule it was until you flipped it over.

The 24 tokens used in the 1-2 player game would have 2-3 protein molecules.
The 6 tokens added in the 3 player game would have 4-5 protein molecules.
The 6 tokens added in the 4 player game would have 6-7 protein molecules.

All molecule tokens have 3 features:

1. They would display the proteins the player needs to roll on their dice in order to target and destroy that molecule. Molecules can have 2-7 proteins displayed, depending on how many players are playing.

2. They show a default starting hex (for example B4). This is the hex the token will placed in when adding tokens during the Mutation Phase. The Mutation happens twice during the game when the sand time runs out and you have to add 3 more molecules to the game. So the molecule above would be placed on Hex B4. If Hex B4 already has a molecule, then it gets replaced.

3.They show the number of players required in order for the molecule to be included in the game: 2 players (includes 1 player), 3 players and 4 players.

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