Thursday 10 November 2011

Where's My Luggage? - a different way to play

Here is a comment I got from someone with experience in game design:
If you can get the carousel to move faster, I can see that adding further drama and panic to that version of the game, which is probably a good thing.
So after reading that I just had an epiphany: Instead of speeding it up, add a cover with four even sized triangular open spaces, similar to the Umbrella Corporation logo, where the white triangles are covered and the red triangles are open to the players.

So what happens is that the player can only grab suitcases from the opening in front of them. So they are experiencing panic and drama trying to look for the suitcase that matches as it passes into view. And of course they have to be quick enough to snatch it before it disappears from view.

In this version I could make all the suitcases look different--and double-sided with no contents--and players could look at all the passenger cards in their hand and try to look for any of the suitcases that match them. I would then get rid of the "Lost Suitcase" tiles. So here it is in point form:

  • 30 unique passenger cards with 30 unique suitcase tiles, double-sided with the same illustration. Example: a pirate passenger with a black suitcase with a skull and crossbones patch.

  • Still simultaneous play, but now you can look at all your cards in your hand at once.
  • The panic and drama comes in trying to look at any match to seven cards at the beginning and only have a limited window to do it in.
  • Wadda think?
  • Rule: You can only grab one suitcase at a time.

Ummm...after further thinking I must scrap this idea since little fingers could be trapped under the edges of the cover trying to reach for a tile that is about to go would be a lawsuit waiting to happen...

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