Tuesday 8 November 2011

Where's My Luggage? - The Rules

The Suitcase Matching Game!

The Fantasy Land Airport is the busiest terminal in the Universe! Flights from every point in history and every dimension are arriving all the time, so the baggage claim area can get quite crazy. Since many suitcases can look alike, passengers need to be extra careful the luggage they grab is the right one! Unfortunately the airlines occasionally lose luggage, so some passengers will go home empty handed.


This game is for 2-4 players, ages 8 and up, and takes about 20 minutes to play.
Each player has a deck of passenger cards that they must help to find their matching luggage. The game is played over 3 rounds, and at the end of the game, whoever has correctly matched the most suitcases is the winner.


4 player pawns (Red, Blue, Green and Yellow)
1 Score board
1 Battery Powered Rotating Luggage Carousel
30 unique Passenger cards (6 suitcase types x 5 of each type)
30 Luggage tiles matching the passenger cards
6 Lost luggage tiles (1 of each suitcase type)

The six suitcase types:


Everyone chooses a pawn and places it on the 0 spot of the scoreboard track. Take the passenger deck and shuffle it, then deal out 7 cards to each player face down.

Set the remaining cards aside. Each player takes their cards and places them in a single pile in front of them, face down; this will be their Draw Deck.


Take all 36 luggage tiles and place them inside the luggage carousel. Spread them out evenly, pattern side up so you can't see the contents. Then place the carousel in the center of the table and turn it on.

Order of Play

The game is played over three rounds. Each round is played the same.

Draw Deck                             Action Deck
 Revealing a Passenger

Everyone puts a hand on their Draw Deck and yells "WHERE'S MY LUGGAGE?", and the round begins. At the same time, each player takes the top card from their Draw Deck, flips it over and places it face up next to it to make a new pile; this is their Action Deck. Each card has a picture of a passenger plus a picture of the luggage they are looking for.

Each player should now reach into the rotating carousel and try to find a suitcase tile that matches the type on their revealed passenger card (Remember:

there are 6 suitcases of each type). They should bring it close and turn it over to see the reverse side (without showing the other players). There are three possible results:
• The luggage matches their passenger
• The luggage belongs to another passenger
• Their luggage was lost

The luggage matches

If the luggage matches their passenger, then congratulations!

Take the passenger card and the matching luggage tile and place them off to the side near you. Note: You will check them at the end of the round to make sure they are a match.

Now draw your next passenger card off the Draw Deck, place it face up on the Action Deck and continue playing.

The luggage belongs to another passenger

If the luggage belongs to another passenger, then return the tile to the carousel, face down.

Now draw your next passenger card off the Draw Deck, place it face up on the Action Deck and continue playing. NOTE: You cannot grab another tile for the same passenger at this time.

The luggage was lost

If your luggage tile shows a frowny face, then it means the airline lost your luggage!

Take the passenger card and the lost luggage tile and place them off to the side near you.

Now draw your next passenger card off the Draw Deck, place it face up on the Action Deck and continue playing.

When your Draw Deck is exhausted, flip over your Action Deck (making it your new Draw Deck) and continue playing. If you only have one card left, then you don't have to keep flipping it over anymore.

Everyone is playing as fast as they can, trying to find their matching luggage. When the first person runs out of passenger cards, they yell "Done!" All the other players must stop playing; they cannot look for any more matches. Make sure to turn off the carousel to save on the batteries.


For every correct match of passenger to their luggage, the player scores 1 point. Everyone should have another player check their matches to see if they are correct. If they have an incorrect match, or lost their luggage (frowny face tile), then they don't score any points for that passenger. Players advance their suitcase marker on the scoring track of the score board the number of points they scored that turn. Example: The Red Player scored 4 points and moves their pawn up to the square marked 4. The Blue Player only scored 2 points, so they move their pawn up 2.

If it is the second or third round, add the new points scored to the track.

New Round

If it’s not the end of the third round, setup the game again for a new round. Return all the passenger cards--including the ones set aside if they were not all dealt out--shuffle them, and then deal out 7 new cards to each player. Return all the luggage tiles to the carousel, pattern side up, and mix them around so you don't know which suitcase is which, then turn it back on.

Game End

The game ends at the end of the third round. Whichever player scored the most points wins the game. If there is a tie, then all tied players win!


For younger players, you can play with less passengers/luggage tiles. For example, you could play with only 3 passengers of each luggage suit. Remove all the luggage
tiles that don't match these passengers from the game. You would also remove the six Lost Luggage tiles (frowny face) from the game. Set out all the suitcases in 3 rows of 6 suitcases. The players then take turns flipping over one luggage tile at a time. Then they have to remember where it is if it doesn’t match.


John "That Cowboy Guy" Gibson dreamt up this game during a car ride to his weekly board game night on Tuesday, September 13, 2011.


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