Sunday 6 November 2011

Where's My Luggage? - YouTube Demo Video

Here is the YouTube Demo Video for my board game prototype: Where's My Luggage?

Please watch it and give me feedback. I am very interested to hear the opinions of people who do not know me personally.


  1. This was a cool, thorough video. It was easy to figure out how the game works and what the various components are.

    This game reminds me of Bananagrams, which is similarly frantic and fairly random in nature. What is your target audience? I think children would appreciate this, but I'm not sure I'd break this out for a group (typically my go to games are Apples to Apples and Dixit).

    Something that would make this more exciting for me would be a way to interact with my players. Can I give one of them a bad luggage? Can we trade? Do I have a special ability I can use to check more than one luggage, but it comes with a downside? I think you need one or two little tweaks to really make this stand out.

    Right now you have memory game, super quick and fast -- what's that third element that makes you stand out? That makes a publisher say "holy smokes we need to publish THIS."

    As a final note, I'm super impressed with your battery operated carousel. I'd probably end up setting my house on fire.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Grant! Here is the biggest challenge to adding interaction between players: If 4 people were playing, it would be extremely difficult—if not impossible—to interact with the player sitting across from you. You could give bad luggage to the player on either side of you, but not across from you.

    I did come up with a list of special character cards that could do something similar to what you were suggesting:

    The Thief: He can keep any suitcase he finds that matches his suitcase, but if he finds lost luggage, then he got caught.

    The Pilot: He never loses luggage. If he finds a lost luggage tile, he simply puts it back and keeps on playing.

    The VIP: They can keep on trying to find their luggage until they find it.